Matilde Olivera

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Matilde Olivera


I was born in Madrid in 1987, since I was a little girl I felt very attracted to the visual arts, I spent my time drawing and playing with paint. When I finished high school, I decided to study the degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, where I graduated in 2010.

My interest in realism has led me to seek ways to keep learning the traditional methods of representation and improving my technique. I have attended various workshops with renowned representational painters such as Antonio López and José María Mezquita and I have completed my artictic fomation at important realist academies such as The Florence Academy of Art and Angel Academy of Art, both in Florence. I must admit I feel the need to be constantly learning, wich is something I hope to continue doing until my last day.

As an artist I mainly work on commission, I have done numerous projects for churches, such as the parrish of Saint John Chrysostom in Madrid. When I work for individuals, I usually focus on portraiture and landscape, two subjects that I am particularly fond of. I find in the human face and the human figure a strong expressive capacity that allows the telling of stories and transmiting emotions, while in nature and plein air I discover a beauty that can move the soul and make it aware of its transcendence.

In all of my works I seek to reproduce not exactly what I see, but rather to capture the essence that shines through the forms, to find the true character of each motif, as Rodin used to put it. Although I identify my artwork with contemporary realism, it is true that I often delve into the world of abstraction and include both languages in my pieces. In the same way, I am also halfway between painting and sculpture, two mediums that offer different expressive possibilities and which I like to explore equally.

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