Matsumi Takano

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Matsumi Takano


She was born in Kyoto.  She taught herself oil painting in the studio of her father, a painter, from the age of seven.  Her oil painting gradually became a part of her breathing and body and became her life.  That is the beginning of her life as a painter.  She graduated from Kyoto Seika University and started teaching oil painting at an art school, and she participated in many exhibitions.  She received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award from Japan.  She has also won numerous awards.  There is no moment when she leaves art.  Everything she has experienced has always been expressed in her paints.

      Her art inspiration comes from all kinds of nature, including plants, animals and rocks.  Painting her fascinating picture for her is her only primitive desire.  She says that all the hints of everything are in nature, and this universe is condensed in nature in front of us.

* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 16th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.