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Matteo Taverna


Matteo Taverna is an Italian artist based in Florence. Born in Voghera, Italy, Matteo spent his childhood in the small town of Valenza Po, characterized by its proximity to nature. He began his artistic education aged 14 at the Liceo Artistico CarrĂ  in Valenza where he gained a foundation in drawing and the humanities. Matteo went on to train at The Florence Academy of Art, learning the traditional methods of drawing and painting in order to work realistically. He completed the Painting Program in 2019.


Matteo is deeply interested in nature and the humanities and attempts to connect his work to what he defines as humanity, from feelings to archetypes, from emotions to stories. He is also fascinated by the materials and alchemy of painting, and spends time researching new formulas and techniques in drawing and painting to apply to his work. At present, Matteo is a Principal Instructor in the Intensive Drawing Program at The Florence Academy of Art.



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