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Maureen Hyde


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I was born to a military family in 1946, the first wave of the post war boomers.  I did my undergraduate work with UCLA majoring in art and the humanities, and graduated magna cum laude.  I went on to my graduate work with the same institution, earning a MFA and then escaping to Europe, where I fell in love with classic representational art after visiting The museums.  I then lived on a small farm in Provence, France, developing my love for the rustic and natural aesthetic,  and the art of country living by hand.  Returning to the states, I continued on with a small family farm in the hills north of San Francisco,  illustrating books for children and young adult historical novels and classic book covers.  After my son came of age, I returned to Europe to make a transition into fine art by studying with Daniel Graves at the Florence Academy of Art.  I lived, studied and taught there for 25 wonderful years.  Needing one more adventure/chapter in this life’s journey, my husband and I moved to San Michel de Allende in Mexico just 6 months ago.  Currently, I am just devoting myself to painting full time and absorbing my new environment and a new culture.

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