Mehrdad Jamshidi

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Mehrdad Jamshidi

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Mehrdad Jamshidi was born on October 7, 1970 to an art-loving family in Tehran, Iran. He has always been interested in painting, and he has painted since the age of four. He began studying this art professionally with one of the prominent artists in Iran, Morteza Katozian at KARA studio in 1990. 

Jamshidi enjoys both painting portraits and landscapes. Additionally, he paints historical and mythical subjects in a realistic and academic style, which has been well received by the general public and artists. He puts a lot of effort into sketching and designing his paintings before he begins the actual painting, and he emphasizes proper composition in all of his work.

He has held four solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Iran over the course of his career.

In 2001, Mehrdad Jamshidi founded Mehr Academy to teach drawing and painting in a classical manner. The academy is still training those interested in these subjects.

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