Michael Hlousek-Nagle

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Michael Hlousek-Nagle

United Kingdom

 Born in Cambridge in the UK, Michael Hlousek-Nagle grew up in a small farming village in the English countryside near Oxford and spent his childhood exploring the fields and forests. His early interests did not include drawing or painting, instead he wanted to pursue a career as an archaeologist and was drawn especially to ancient Egyptian history. His first foray into art was an attempt to turn his bedroom into an Egyptian temple by decorating the walls with life-size figures of Osiris, Isis, and Anubis.

 After studying Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, he was forcibly pushed into studying Art by a friend who paid his art school fees before even asking him whether he wanted to be an artist. He took Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and won a scholarship to study at the New York Academy of Art.

 Michael has exhibited in several UK galleries, and has work in private collections in the UK, the USA, South America, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, and South Africa. He has also produced set designs for the Royal Ballet in London, and the NY City Ballet at the Lincoln Center.

 Aside from Art, his chief interests are ‘classical’ music, Roman civilization and art, the world of Homer, Americana, true crime, pseudo-science, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories. Michael is married and has two children.

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