Micol Cornali

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Micol Cornali


Born in 1999, Italy, Micol Cornali lives and studies in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Interested in art from an early age, she attended an art-focused high school where she had the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of techniques, from digital art to glass modeling, from traditional techniques to fine art restoration.

And it was there that she fell in love with sculpture.

She currently attends the Barcelona Academy of Art, completing two degrees in one, 19th century figurative sculpture and classic painting. She was the winner of the “BAA Self-Portrait in Quarantine” competition in September 2020 with her self-portrait and exhibited in the Punt de Vistes 360 gallery, in Barcelona, ​​in July 2021. First prize winner of the ARC 2021 scholarship, she exhibited in the MEAM museum, in Barcelona, ​​as a finalist in the Figurativas 2021 competition.

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