Mike Büchel

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Mike Büchel


Mike Buchel was born in a small village in Austria.

After finishing public school in Austria, he felt the urge to travel the world.  Without financial backup he travelled the world for 10 years until one day he had an overwhelming urge to become an artist.
He enrolled at the Faculdade de Bells Artes in Mexico, where he lived for 6 years.  After this period he felt the need to focus on Classical Art and drawing.
He then accepted an invitation from the famous Taiwanese painter Yim Mao Kun to work in his studio.  A year in the famous Angel Academy of art and Academy of Art in Florence followed.
He now lives and works in Vienna, Austria. His current focus is on tributes to personalities from different fields such as Writers, Film Directors and Musicians.....all of whom have influenced him at one point or another.

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