Miriam Baranov

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Miriam Baranov

United States

I have two passions which are Mathematics and Art and I let them intertwine in my work. I have worked in two fields, a data engineer and an artist. When I create my work my vision and my end result is the art and the process of making that happen is me building the project as an engineer. 


Currently I run a business out of my studio in Columbus Ohio where I create commissioned portraits and artwork for upcoming gallery shows. Preparing for a solo exhibit in 2022 so stay tuned. :)


My portraits are created from start to finish, I build and stretch the canvas, once I am finished with the painting I also offer framing. I use the highest quality materials and my process is built around creating the highest quality portrait that will last for years.


I have been fortunate to have amazing apprenticeships and study directly under my favorite painters like Andrew Ameral. My works are in private collections in places such as Madrid, Spain, Canada, Russia, and California.

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