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Monica Bean

United States

Born in Chicago and raised in New Jersey, Monica Bean is a contemporary realist painter. Her work is housed in private collections across the United States. Her artistic journey began in high school, and upon graduation she attended Mason Gross School of the Arts to study Visual Arts. She went on to earn her Certificate in Interior Design and worked as a designer for a major furniture company. In 2008, she was accepted into the Advanced Fine Arts Program at Studio Incamminati, an internationally recognized atelier. Founded by Nelson & Leona Shanks, the school has a rigorous curriculum rooted in the traditional Italian academia and French atelier methods. She studied drawing and painting over the course of four years and graduated with a Certificate of Excellence. Her education continued working alongside master draughtsman, figurative painter, and author Jon deMartin at his private studio in Port Chester, NY. In 2015, she took her studies abroad to Italy, took up part time residence, traveled extensively and pursued her passion for nature and the desire to paint en plein air. Over the course of several years, she studied with Maddine Insalaco and Joe Vinson, artists and experts in the field of early open-air painting.

Because Monica’s studies and expertise span multiple mediums, her palette takes many forms. In addition to interior design, drawing, and painting, she is also an ardent practitioner of horticulture and the culinary arts. It is from within these disciplines that she finds inspiration.





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