Rajat Shanbhag

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Rajat Shanbhag


My first painting experience was in 2014 while I was pursuing my masters in Engineering in Kansas. I had been a science student for the better part of my life and was keenly inclined towards a design career in aerospace and automation. It was here that I discovered my calling for art.

I taught myself landscape painting while traveling across national parks and reserves during my spare time and explored nature with all of its splendor. I realized the gravitation of visual depth and the peaceful coexistence between art and science.  I understood now more than ever that art and science were in a binding relationship and possessed a hot cauldron of problem-solving abilities that could appeal to one's inquisitive and curious nature. There lies scientific unity in aesthetic virtue. Landscape Painting in the outdoors, as opposed to in-studio painting, is a self-discovery process with a surprise waiting to be gently unraveled with each brushstroke.

Currently, I reside in the Nanoose Bay and spend my days making humble attempts at portraying the gorgeous marinas, breathtaking arenas, and the dream-like landscape that surrounds the city and its outskirts. My hope through these works is to evoke feelings of connectivity, a sense of nostalgia buried deep within, or beautiful escapes through meditation.


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