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Raquel di Carvalho


Raquel Luciane Carvalho Pies (1975), or simply Di Carvalho, born in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. Precedent of Brazilian family of Portuguese and German origin, eldest daughter of Inês and Evaldo. His childhood has passed between his hometown, and his walks to visit his family in Santa Catarina, where he would return to live after his training, years later. At the age of 19, she began her journey as a painter, in Sao Paulo, participating in courses and workshops for local painters. After returning to Novo Hamburgo, he completed his training in Fine Arts in 2002, at the Feevale University.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, still in Novo Hamburgo, he began to teach and carry out his first assignments in his studio. He has exhibited continuously in both individual and collective exhibitions. In 2006, he traveled to Spain in search of new knowledge and experience. After living two years in Bilbao, she moved to the surroundings of Santiago de Compostela, where she once again offered her services as a painter and teacher. After much work, the reconnaissance was beginning to push for higher flights than the small town of O Milladoiro. So in 2016, Di Carvalho, sold his business in Santiago de Compostela and moved to Barcelona, ​​where he works and lives to this day.


At present, Di Carvalho's works show the technical mastery he possesses and the great burden of humanity that permeates his work

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