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Regan Johnston


We aren’t just connected to nature; we are nature. We share this planet with so many different beings, and it’s not only the human perspective I’m interested in. I admire wildlife, and I’m interested in how they see the world. They have mysterious lives that we only get glimpses of, and I like exploring this with my paintings. 

I often get a feeling of nostalgia when I’m in the wilderness, especially when I’m exploring mountains. I try to be aware of these feelings when they happen so I can paint the scene and attempt to capture some of that magic that is so special to me. I hope through my work I can raise awareness to protect wildlife and the places they call home. 

I was born in Golden BC, Canada in 1985. When I was younger I loved drawing, and I remember making things until I finished high school. In my 20s I was pursuing other interests and stopped making art. 

In 2014, while living in Milan, Italy I decided to finish the last drawing that I had started while in high school. This was a big moment for me because I realized how much I missed it. In 2016, while living back in Canada, I decided I wanted to try painting. I had painted houses for years prior to this, but this was something very new to me. I fell in love with it immediately. After making a few paintings I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life, and decided the following January to be a full time artist. 

It was at the same time that I was rediscovering my passion for art that my wife Christa was going through a similar journey. We thought that eventually we would like to collaborate. One day it clicked, and we knew how we wanted to start making paintings together. Working with Christa has allowed me to explore outside of my own box, and it’s opened up a new world for me. The more exploring and research I do, the more I’ve discovered how little I know, and that has helped me realize how magical everything really is. 

Making art for me is very meditative. Being in a flow state and letting inspiration guide me is an incredible feeling. Painting has taught me to enjoy the process, and I do my best to take that into everything I do. 

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