Riaz Samadhan

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Riaz Samadhan


Riaz Samadhan hails from Kolhapur, and is currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Kolhapur, a culturally significant district,  enabled him to have an early training into the academic refractions of Mumbai-based Sir J J School of Art through celebrated mentors, such as Abalal Rehiman,  M . V. Dhurander;  and polymath  Baburao Painter who was sculptor, painter, and foremost silent filmmaker of India.

Riaz carries forward his inclinations to explore the landscape, still life, portraits and figurative conceptual in various mediums such as Oil, Watercolours and graphite or charcoal.   

He has had eight solo shows. To name a few, 'The Diary of Riaz Samadhan', Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2011; 'Self Alienation: Celebration of Myopia II', was presented at the Art Heritage at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 2009. He has participated in biennales and prestigious group shows such as -'New Perspectives of India', Avanthay Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland, 2009.  

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