Richard Becker

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Richard Becker

United States

Richard Becker, creates realistic busts, monumental sculptures and paintings that strive to uplift, honor and inspire.

Raised in Los Angeles, Becker’s childhood artistic interests were set aside to pursue motorcycle racing and the sciences, eventually graduating with a Master’s in Engineering from Stanford University.

While living in Barcelona, Spain on a 3 year work assignment, Becker’s artistic passion was re-ignited and he began to sculpt. Going deaf since college, he credits his loss of sound and conversations to an intense connection to the visual and tactile.

Richard’s commissions include the US National Cemetery POW monument, nine hall of fame celebrity busts for The Emmys, the LA Athletic Club’s heroic stainless steel Mercury, San Diego’s Mother Teresa and children, and the Homer Simpson monument at Fox Studios. He has collaborated on technical projects with Pop artist Richard Hamilton, The Getty Conservation Institute, and The Tate London.

An elected member of the National Sculpture Society, Richard holds the Edward Fenno-Hoffman Prize for uplifting art.

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