Roland Mikhail

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Roland Mikhail

United States

Roland is the son of first generation Egyptian immigrants and lives in Sunset Park Brooklyn.

He is a painter, sculptor, anatomy instructor at Pratt Institute, and artist in residence at the North American Sculpture Center. 

He is an expert in Jujitsu, mythology, and symbolism, and has spent the better part of the last decade excavating his childhood allowing him to unearth the hidden parts of psyche. This journey and all of these inquiries are reflected in his work.

Roland's works are made over the course of months and years. The long signature of time is communicated in the presence of these objects. This slow style production is a challenge to our culture’s fast art obsession. He believes time is a key ingredient in making something with the power to touch and change the soul. 

Whether carving marble or making a painting with nothing but an airbrush, no expense of time is ever spared in working and reworking these objects. Although this pace can be a frustration, Roland has learned to embrace the yielding that’s required by ego, to be in service to something greater than himself: the human psyche. 


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