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Rosa Montante

United States

Rosa Montante was born in Serradifalco (CL), Italy; when she was 12 years old Rosa and her family immigrated to Rochester, NY. The language barrier became a driving force to further cultivate her strong perspicuity to create; drawing became her voice and source of strength, pursuing a Fine Arts Degree at Nazareth College of Rochester. For financial stability: Rosa took a respite from her artistic focus. However, with as much passion she pursued a rewarding career in Operations / Market Research / Human Resources Management.  In 2005 she felt compelled to take a local workshop in Oil Painting and has been painting ever since. Montante believes in continuous personal growth and development, in recent years she has taken workshops with David Kassan, Jeff Hein, Susan Lyon, Carlo Russo, Elizabeth Robins, Shana Kunz, Sara Linda Poly, Adam Clague, etc..

Montante is currently the Corporate HR Director for a Metal Recycling Company in Upstate New York during the day and an oil painter at night. Rosa is a National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) Board Member and Signature Member, an Associate Member with Distinction of the American Women Artists, and an Oil Painter Instructor at the Art Stop in Penfield, New York, where she shares her passion for the old masters’ oil painting process with aspiring artists. One of Montante’s most accomplished achievement, “Pat’s Roses” is part of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s permanent still life collection. Montante’s paintings have been acquired by private collectors nationally.

Passionate, expressive and honest, Montante’s floral, still life and/or portrait paintings capture the truest essence of life on canvas; enticing the viewer to participate and relish in life’s ordinary details. Montante is inspired by the impact of light, color and shadows, and chooses to interpret her subjects with dramatic lighting. Her love of flower gardening provides an infinite source of inspiration for her floral paintings, as she makes every attempt to represent flowers in the most magnificent and purest manner. Through her paintings, Montante aspires to reveal to the viewer a sense of stillness and movement, frailty and strength, fleetingness and existence, capturing the very essence of a moment in time.


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