Rusty Frentner

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Rusty Frentner

United States



                 I use my artistic skills to capture a moment in time to share with others. I am always looking for that special subject that excites me. Sometimes it is the way light plays across the scene or maybe the design or colors that are that I see. I use my paintings to record what I see to keep a record of that impression. I strive to create that powerful painting that will make people stop and stare at it and go WOW! I want to inspire people to look and experience the world with a deeper understanding and appreciation.


I have spent hours studying many of my wildlife  subjects by watching, photographing, sketching and reading up on them. I have spent hours just sitting or walking in the woods. I experience  a deeper sense of awareness, calm, and wonder. When something excites me I will make a sketch of it for a possible painting. I also go out to paint on location once a week. Taking oil paints and an easel to create a painting. I strive for a “fresh” painting, something that is elusive in the studio. It makes a huge difference to see the scene in 3 dimensions versus my studio work that is created with sketches and photos. I  will try different ways of applying paint, always experimenting and looking for a way to improve. I have experimented with a pallet knife to do a painting. I have also tried doing small paintings in 50 brush strokes. I use several kinds of paint materials to create a painting. Oils, acrylics water color, pencil, color pencil include some of the paints that I work with. I work on canvas, panel, or paper. I use my paintings to share with the viewer, the parts of the world that I love.


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