Ryanne Phillips

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Ryanne Phillips

United States

I am currently an MFA student at Laguna College of Art+Design. My focus is mainly drawing figure and portraiture. I also received my bachelors at LCAD in drawing and painting. Before I studied at Laguna, I knew that I wanted to study fine art, more specifically figure drawing and painting. When I was in middle school and high school I started to study art more seriously. I would travel to museums in Los Angles to view and admire artist such as Da Vinci, Velazquez, Artemisia Gentlechi,  Caravaggio and John Singer Sargent. I was also involved in other fine art programs such as Ryman Arts to help prepare me for my fine art college experience. Once at LCAD I was surrounded by incredible students and professors that increased my knowledge and skill. 

Besides art, the study of history, religion, and myths are my other greatest passions. Since my time at LCAD I have been focusing my body to work to be about the human condition from the female point of view, along with empowering women from history and myths. In my practice of drawing the figure, I also have been experimenting with technique, materials and surfaces to fit my intention. 

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