Saeedeh Aghaei

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Saeedeh Aghaei

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Saeedeh Aghaei was born and raised in Tehran, Iran.

she is 32 years old and started painting in 2015 under the mastery of Hamed Ataei.

Her perseverances in drawing and painting led her to be a professional artist in realism. 
she has participated in several art exhibitions such as:

-Tash Group exhibition, Mina art gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2022.

-Saba Cultural Institute , Khial art gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2021.

-Arts Gate Gallery, Miami, USA, 2021.

-Tadzio Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, 2021.

you can also check out her artworks on her own Website:

and also on her page on

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