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Salvatore Fichera


Born in Siracusa in 1984, I grew up between Ortigia Island and the protected marine area of Plemmirio, surrounded by the charm and majesty of Magna Graecia ruins, and inspired by the seascapes and sunsets of the Aretuseum coast.
Since my early childhood I showed a strong interest in visual arts, particularly drawing and painting. After disregarding painting for many years i decided to break social rules and dedicate, whatever it takes, my entire life to art. I have been participating in drawing competitions and exhibitions in Rome, Padova, Palermo, Siracusa, Noto, Catania, Ragusa and undertaking private art tuition at esteemed schools, most recently completing studies at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence.

Painting mainly from life, inspired by classical painters, my goal is to continue my artistic career, representing the beauty of wild nature, human figure  and the feelings generated by connections between nature and human beings.


- 2020 Life anatomy study with Sergey Chubirko, Florence, Italy.
- 2017 – 2019 Diploma “Cum Laude”, Angel Academy of Art with Michael   John Angel, Florence, Italy.
- 2016 Life Drawing & Painting with Ted Seth Jacobs, Ecole Albert Defois, Les Cerqueux-sous-Passavant, France.
- 2013  Seascape and Snowscape oil painting tuition with Alan Kingwell, Liskeard, UK.
- 2012 Airbrush workshop with JR(Giuliano Rapetti), Genova, Italy.



- 2020 Semifinalist at "15th Art Renewal Center Salon".

- 2003  1° place at  “Nicholas Green Prize” in drawing category receiving a €1550 grant

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