Samuel Clayden

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Samuel Clayden

United Kingdom

Sam is a representational painter based in London. While he always drew as a child, he refound his love of the arts at 25 while working as a journalist in a building neighbouring the Tate Britain gallery. He increasingly spent his breaks wandering its galleries and sketching masterworks. Eventually, his obsession with drawing and painting pushed him to leave his career in 2018 in pursuit of his renewed passion for art.

Combining influences from 19th Century realism, Naturalism, Renaissance and Baroque painters, elements of the impressionist movement and music, Sam’s belief is that nature, light and abstract shape and colour design can be harnessed to create classically inspired works relevant to contemporary audiences.

Nature is Sam’s primary guide. His goal is to use the physical properties of paint to capture moments that feel real, almost tangible, but stand alone as abstract designs in themselves.

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