Scott Anthony

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Scott Anthony

United States

I began painting in my originally preferred medium – watercolor – in 1967 during my second year at Dartmouth College. I fell completely in love with the process of sketching the structures and landscapes of New Hampshire and Vermont and then translating the sketches into finished paintings. My observations of nature and subsequent painting seemed a perfect compliment to my chosen major in Biology specializing in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I began to look at almost every landscape or view of the landscape as a possible subject for a painting, unconsciously rearranging and filtering elements of the scene and how light hits them to compose the design to impart the most visual impact.

I have been fortunate to also have had a career as a traditional, "hot jazz" musician that supported me and my family during "lean" art times and vice-versa during lean music periods. This explains my profile picture!

Over the last 50 years I have added acrylics and oils (plus serigraphy for a few years in the 1980s) to my selection of mediums, with oils my currently preferred one. Living in California since the mid-1970s has provided unlimited sources of landscape and seascape inspiration, from coastal headlands to majestic mountains and everything in between.

I am very grateful that my work has been increasingly recognized over these more than 50 years and I hope that it continues to provide viewing pleasure.

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