Scott Ruthven

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Scott Ruthven

United States

I'm a Colorado native and grew up hiking, fishing and drawing in the Rocky Mountains.  Family roots brought me to Montana and Idaho, where vast ranch lands, prairie, forests and majestic mountains shaped my artistic vision.  When I was young, I spent time with the Hopi, Navajo and Zuni, American Indian tribes in the Southwest; having the privilege of attending Hopi ceremonies and even learning sandpainting from the Navajo.  These experiences instilled a deep appreciation for our lands and its peoples.  Nature has a beautiful rhythm and harmony with layers and layers of interaction which reveal themselves to the patient observer.  I often feel as if I'm becoming a part of the landscape when I'm painting for hours at a time out in nature.  In fact, I've had birds, mink, deer, elk, moose, cattle, horses and many other animals join me when I'm painting and just hang out or go about their business and accepting me a harmless element in the landscape.  This is another aspect of that amazing conversation I have with my subjects. 


Early inspiration came from the art of James Reynolds, Wilson Hurley, Tom Lovell, Len Chmiel and Clyde Aspevig.  Today, I study works from a variety of masters, both past and present, in my quest to advance my knowledge of the craft so I may best express my vision.  I'm always outside, sketching and painting, no matter what the weather.  These hours spent with nature sharpen my senses and inform my studio works.

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