Shuchi Muley

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Shuchi Muley


My name is Shuchi Muley and I am a representational artist from Ontario, Canada. I love painting people and capturing their special moments such as a child's sweet giggle, or their toothless smile - so priceless! 

I studied classical way of drawing and painting under the guidance of artist Sadie Valeri at Sadie Valeri Atelier, where I learned still life drawing and painting using Flemish Technique of indirect oil painting. She also got me interested in figurative drawing and painting, and hence, in 2014, I traveled to France to study figure drawing and painting with artists Timothy Stotz and Michelle Tully at Studio Escalier. Every day, for a year, I spent half of the day learning at their studio and the remaining at the Louvre Museum copying works of Renaissance artists. It was such an amazing experience to study works of the old masters and to learn about their brushwork. I have also studied with artists Michelle Dunaway, and Stephen Bauman, who have a huge impact on me and my work. 

I have exhibited in national and International shows, including the Royal Watercolor Society of United Kingdom, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in India, and Sztuka Wyboru gallery in Poland. In 2016, I have also worked as a painter for the movie "Loving Vincent,” which was nominated for the Oscars. 

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