Somayeh Jazayeri

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Somayeh Jazayeri


was born in June 1980, in Tehran, Iran. I’ve been fascinated by painting since I was a child and started taking classes since then. In 2007, I took my skills to the next level and started painting professionally.

I have participated in several group exhibitions since 2001.

My works have been published in global art magazines such as "Arte Liberated VIII'' and PSWC Magazine summer 2018 and "Galeria Artelibre" 20*20 exhibition book in 2019.

I also won the ANDRE AND MARBO BARNARD AWARD of Pastel Society Of America in Summer of 2018.

I was accepted in the"8th Annual Air Salon" in 2018.

I was accepted in the 33rd annual pastel USA in 2018.

My painting " MESMERIZING EYES" is one of the paintings of 20*20 collection of "Galeria Artelibre" which was exhibited in 2019 in MEAM MUSEUM and also was exhibited in Italy and now is in MEAM MUSEUM.

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