Steve Scheuring

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Steve Scheuring

United States

It’s those simple, fleeting moments when your thoughts and time seem to slow down, struggling to capture what you’re witnessing, and you realize you’re part of something bigger than yourself that inspire me to paint – the warmth of a carousel against a cold sky, neon lights flickering to life at dusk, the late afternoon sun dancing on a jar of peaches, the variety of color crammed into a sunset, the glow of an outdoor market’s Fall bounty, a loving look from one of my children.

Started drawing as a kid – was fascinated with comic books and fantasy.  Would sit for hours trying to replicate Frank Frazetta covers.  Drawing meant escape – was turned on by things I couldn’t see, places I haven’t gone to, places that didn’t exist - the "unattainable".  Would get so engrossed in drawing my Mother would say, “the house could be burning and you wouldn’t even know it.”

Now, it’s the little things around me that draw me to the easel.  When I lived away from "home" in Houston a number of years ago, everything was new - loved the indian paint brushes, blue bells, and other Texas wildflowers.  I'd comment, “they don’t have wildflowers like this in PA.”  When I moved home, I started to see things through a different perspective.  Sure, there are wildflowers – a field loaded with dandelions or crown vetch is beautiful – I just hadn’t truly seen them before.  Striving to capture those fleeting moments when I’m fully tuned in to the beauty around me is why I paint.

I'm self taught.  I'm member of the Board of Directors and an Elected Member of the Allied Artists of America; a member of the Berks Art Alliance, The Portrait Society of America, and NAOAPS, and a Signature member of the Hudson Valley Art Association.  My work has won numerous awards and been featured in numerous magazines.



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