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Susan S. Perrish

United States

Susan S. Perrish                                                                             (248) 345-5305

I am a romantic at heart.  The extravagance of Sargent, the delicacy of Bouguereau, the mystique of Waterhouse all inspire me.  I am swept up by them, taken into another world of grand costume and emotive storytelling.  I love to paint detail, yet search for what lies beneath the physical - the intrinsic, magnetic, indefinable beauty that exists uniquely in each of us. 



       Awards and Exhibitions:


  • National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society Spring International Open Exhibition
  • International Guild of Realism 16th Annual Exhibition, McBride Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland
  • National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society Best of America Small Works Exhibition, Beverly McNeil Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama
  • The Guide Artists Magazine January Issue, Artist of the Month


  • NOAPS Associate Member Online Exhibition
  • Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils
  • Artist Network Strokes of Genius - Best of Drawing 13 Finalist
  • NOAPS Online International Spring Competition
  • Oil Painters of America Salon Show Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils 


  • Artist Network “Strokes of Genius – 13”
  • Artists on Art Magazine, When Art is in Your Blood, July/August Issue 2018
  • Art Renewal Center 14th International Salon
  • Artist Network “Strokes of Genius – 10”

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