Susan Wehrman

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Susan Wehrman

United States

I did not set out to become an artist, but my passion for art began early on:  in elementary school tempera paints, construction paper and ordinary glue represented a vision to be fulfilled.  While other children longed for toys, my greatest excitement came from visits to the local hobby shop for paint-by-number kits -- I would spend many marathon weekends working on these cardboard canvases.  This is what inspired my current love of colored pencil and the development and evolution of my unique design process.  

Though not formally educated as an artist I have had the incredible fortune to connect with an established artist who has mentored me for the last eight years.  Through memberships in various societies and other venues I have also been able to meet with and learn from peers and contemporaries.  Additionally, COVID provided unique opportunities to study online with several established colored pencil artists around the globe.

Today, I specialize in pet and nature portraits; my artwork represents the special bond we share with the animals that share our world and those that have etched special places in our hearts.  However diverse we may be, this love of our animals is universal and transcends all languages and borders.  I work very hard to ensure that I portray the spirit and essence of my subjects.  By the time a piece is complete -- having sculpted every curve of their faces and every nuance of their expression -- I have come to know them intimately; and I love them all. 

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