Takahiro Imai

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Takahiro Imai


b. 1986

Takahiro Imai is an artist known for female portraits of unique expression, supported by his solid drawing technique and contemporary sensitivity. He believes that his painting reflects the Japanese culture of our time on the whole. In an art magazine interview, Imai said that he grew up in an environment full of animation, manga, the Internet, etc., and that such various subcultures might have had some influence on his work. But, there, he denied specific influence; Imai's style, in which today's young women seem to be able to see private stories of heroines, has obtained favorable support among the art fans. His paintings are loved not only in Japan, but also in Asia, Europe, and America. Though adopting traditional techniques of oil painting for the female motif, Imai succeeds in making a contemporary taste and narrative feature stand out.

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