Teresa Uribe

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Teresa Uribe

United States

Tere Jessurum Uribe

Visual artist, born in Colombia, bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering , emigrated with her husband and young daughter to United States in December 1979.

From 2010, after a successful business career, decides to pursue her lifelong dream of developing her artistic passion, and starts taking workshops on portrait and figure painting in different cities in Europe, mainly in Florence where she did summer courses in Florence Academy and Angel Academy.

In 2017 starts to study locally at Chiaroscuro, a realistic academy of art, which is today Mifa (Miami International Fine Arts), where she currently works as President.


-Mexican Consulate, “Raices comunes”, June 2022 (Collective)

-Colombian Consulate, “Los colores de mi tierra” , January 2022 (Solo show)

-Mifa Gallery, “Homeage to Leonardo da Vinci”, June 2021 (Collective)

-Mifa Gallery, “Women Everytime”, March 2021 (Collective)

-Mifa Gallery, “Human Dimensions”, Dic. 2020 (Collective)

-Mifa Gallery, “Rythmical Brushtrokes”, July  2019 (Collective)

-Hispafest, “Walkabout”, May 2020 (Collective)

-Miami River Art Fair, December 2019 (Collective)

-Coral Gables Museum, “Art in Exile” , April 2019, (Collective)


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