Tereza Barnard

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Tereza Barnard

United Kingdom

The world is speeding up and a lot of things are but a swipe away. However, there are emotions that cannot be read in a split second. With a graduate degree in psychology, Tereza Barnard (b. 1984) has learnt that hidden but key features take time to be observed and reveal themselves. Barnard uses realism, narrative elements, and sometimes abstract features to allow her viewers to slow down, observe the hidden layers, and enter the inner worlds of her sitters as well as her own. In doing so, she hopes they will find beauty, inspiration, but most notable a time for themselves to think. Barnard is a self taught artist and can take up to three months to finish a painting as she extensively observes the micro expressions of her subjects.

Barnard’s work has been featured in publications such as Book of NHS Heroes and The Leonardo Guide. She is a finalist in ModPortrait 2021, ARC 15th Salon and her work has been presented to the jury at Figurativas 2021. More recently she received an honourable mention in the Blue Review Art Prize. She has exhibited in galleries across the UK and the United States, recently exhibiting with the Royal Society of British Artists at Mall Galleries.

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