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Theo Felizzola



Theo is a Brazilian painter born in Porto Alegre, on the 26th of March, 1985. His inclination for sports and love for basketball as a youngster led him to understand that achievment in a field of one's passion requires talent and hard work just as much as the right mindset, information, great coaches and environment.

That's why at age 21 Theo decided to go to California, to develop his other great and longlasting passion into a new level: drawing. In San Francisco he studied illustration at the Academy of Art University, where he also obtained his MFA in painting and his first experiences as an art instructor.

Ever inspired by classmates and teachers, with a strong attentive admiration for Zhaoming Wu's work, he completed his Masters focused on the figure painting and portraits, always navigating towards better understanding ways of visually representing a moment of contemplation.

Since 2014 Theo has been residing back in his hometown, teaching online and in-person workshops and longer drawing and painting curriculums focused on the impressionist thinking. Early in the pandemic, Theo found out about Mr. Paul Ingbretson and his connection and knowledge to the Boston School of Painting, and went on to further his knowledge and methods with this living impressionist master. He spent 3 months studying at his studio and will be going back every summer to further that development.

One of his main goals in art education is to help make available to brazilians a better art environment and hopefully a strong academic/impressionist art school to classicaly train some of the enormous amounts of young talent that would otherwise only have the option to learn and practice via online schooling. 


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