Théo Polymorphos

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Théo Polymorphos

United States

Théo Polymorphos (aka Derek Poulton) is a North American painter of imaginative realism. 

The art of Théo Polymorphos celebrates the resilience and dignity of the human psyche, exploring themes of ecstasy, initiation and metamorphosis. Greatly inspired by mythology, philosophy, and nature, his narratives primarily emerge from personal experiences of the numinous, whether through dreams and visions or encounters with plants, animals and other spirits.

Following more than a decade traveling the globe and advocating for the poor, Théo rekindled his childhood love of drawing and painting at the Lacey Lewis School of Realist Art in Kansas City, Missouri. He then completed three years of full-time training under Tenaya Sims at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Washington. He recently relocated to Florida where he continues to develop his artistic vision. 




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