Tom Heflin

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Tom Heflin

United States

In 1970 I quit my job and launched my career as a full time artist. This was a big gamble with a wife and five children to worry about...but I figured it was "now or never".

I found an abandoned farm house forty miles from my home and moved in. There was no running water, no telephone and only a wood burning kitchen cook stove for heat.

This place was located on a dead end lane, so there was no passing traffic or any other distractions. It was a place of peace and quiet. I continued to use this remote place as a studio for 28 years going home on weekends to be with family summer and winter.

Fortunately, that first years work sold out and I was able to continue my life as a fine artist.

I have been very lucky, but I worked hard and long to realize my dream.

*American Watercolor Society, Signature Member

*National Watercolor Society, Signature Member

*Transparent Watercolor Society, Signature Member

*International Society Of Acrylic Painters, Signature Member, Master

*International Association Of Pastel Sociaties, Signature Member

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