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Trish Mitchell

South Africa

I have always been deeply and profoundly moved by the beauty I see in the world around me.  As a young girl I loved to arrange and rearrange my room so it felt beautiful to me, run my hands over pretty dresses and watch my Nonna as she spritzed herself from an exquisitely detailed bottle of ‘Fleurs de Rocaille’ by Caron.  


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1970, I grew up surrounded by the European influence of my Italian mom’s discerning eye.  I was fortunate to be exposed to the world of beautiful art, interior design and decorating, along with thelove of creativity and attention to detail, through her many amazing handiworks. We travelled overseas as a family, and Ifell in love with Paris and the beautiful works of the Impressionists and the stunning architecture of my Milanese heritage.  Colour, and its endless nuances, were fascinating to me – and I spent many hours as a young woman studying colour theory and applying its lessons to my wardrobe, decorating and makeup. Any opportunity to create, decorate and make beautiful was a joy to me!


However, it would be many years before all these interests and influences coalesced into my Calling to be an artist.  After obtaining a degree and working in the commercial world for a while, I left the workplace to raise my three children.  In2010, as my three children were just reaching school-going age and I finally had some free time, I was introduced to my first art class and teacher – a gifted, inspiring artist, who remains a good friend to this day.  I had finally discovered the way I wanted, and loved, to use to communicate the beauty I see in a timeless way.  

Initially I tried the loose, impressionistic style, but realised eventually that I was intuitively much more drawn to the Classical style, with its more accurate portrayal of form.  After travelling to the USA to attend workshops with Daniel J. Keys and Katie G. Whipple, I was introduced to the master realist, Douglas Flynt, who has a superb teaching program.  I have devoted myself to the study of classical drawing and painting methods under Doug’s expert tutelage for the past four years, and he has been instrumental in my development into the artist I am today.

After trying many different subjects, I finally found my artistic home when I found my love for capturing the numinous quality, portrayed in the light and form, of flowers – and most especially in the sublime delicacy of the peony.  


Although I have travelled extensively, I am drawn time and time again back to Paris - for me one of the true centres of man’s greatest artistic creations and my greatest inspiration.  


Most days, however, you will find me at my easel in my studio in Cape Town overlooking Table Mountain, with my devoted maltese poodles, Tiggy and Pookie, at my feet.  


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