Tyler Saunders

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Tyler Saunders

United States

At the age of 12 I took painting lessons at a studio ran by three sisters. I was the youngest student by 30 years. We basically painted landscapes from old prints and I quickly became bored.  I wanted to paint animals. I showed up with a photo of a great horned owl swooping down on a packrat. My teachers were shocked at my choice. I sold that piece for 50 dollars. That’s how my art carrier started.



My interest in painting anilmals continued and I was able to fund several photo safaris by selling and preselling my art. I presolld 8 originals and I was on my way to fill a  lifelong dream of going to Africa. One of my pieces was picked up by Sommerset publishing and it sold out.



Several galleries have picked up my art. 

I am constantly learning and I always try to make my last painting my best.

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