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Ulrike Belloni


I am an italian painter, and I was born and raised in Milano, Geneva and Rio de Janeiro.

I then moved to Florence to learn the painting techniques of the Old Masters, undertaking a rigorous training at the Charles H. Cecil Studios for four years. 

The painting method I follow is the sight-size method, whereby the sitter and the subject are placed side by side while I stand at a considerable distance from them. After carefully observing both the sitter and the painting, I walk towards the canvas to make the brush stroke and then back again to observe the picture from far away. 

This technique allows the painter to perceive the impression of the picture as a whole, trying not to disaggregate the image into a piecemeal representation of its parts.

Cecil thought me the beauty of working from nature, and the countless subtleties of perception that painting from life reveal to the artist. 

Constantly returning to Titian, Van Dyck and Velasquez, as well as more modern artist like John Singer Sargent and James Abott McNeil Whistler, I continue to refine my painting skills and train my eye to see. 

In 2020 my painting "Elisabetta" was part of the Royal Society of Portait Painters Exposition, receiving a High Commendation by the de Laszlo Foundation. 

From 2021 my painting "Giorgi" is part of the permanent collection of the New Salem Museum, Massachusetts USA.

In 2021 my paintings "Maya", "Berea" and "Davide" were selected as finalists for the 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon.

In august 2021 I was part of the collective exposition "Le forme del colore" at Palazzo Gallone in Tricase, Italia, curated by T&L Gallerie based in Paris, Thancred Hertzog and Mathilde Le Coz. 

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