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Victoria Yu


Victoria Yu is a local portrait artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She embarked upon her artistic journey at the age of 8. After mastering fundamental studies in pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic, she developed a deep interest towards realism-style portraits and began portrait & figurative painting at age 12.


To further her specialization, she studied under the guidance of artist Casey Baugh, in addition to attending various workshops & lectures online and across North America. At 14 years of age, she started selling professionally, and at the age of 17, held her first solo exhibition in New York at Dejavu.


Victoria believes in art education which encompasses "A freedom of form; without border or constraint, nor hard rules steeped in tradition." She regularly teaches private oil painting and drawing lessons, workshops, and classroom demonstrations for students of all ages and abilities.

Currently teaches local and international students through in-person and online courses.

To view more of Victoria Yu's artworks, please visit her Instagram ( Vicyuart ) and Website

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