Wai Fun, Fanny Ku

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Wai Fun, Fanny Ku


I was born in Hong Kong. I came to Canada to pursue university eduction. I spent two years in Fine Art study but switched  to a different path. Earning a better income was more important to me at the time. I picked up my brush after raising two children and retirement from the rat race of the business world for thirty years. I graduated at the Academy of Realist Art and continue on Master Study under my mentor, Ryan Gauvin. I never enjoy life better when I go back to painting.

My Artist Statemet:

My art is focused on life and humanity.  Nature is my inspiration which guides my creativity. From the time of the Ranaissance art was believed to reside in nature where the artist is required to discover it. My art communicates my thoughts on human nature and how this nature comes to terms with its environment. Following early years of impressionist and abstract painting, I now focus on portraiture and a series of women's roles in developing countries. The process of making art, amid constant struggles and endless frustrations, gives me immeasurable joy and fulfillment in my own life journey.

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