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Yan Zi


Introduction to the Free Arts of Yan Zi

Yan Zi, female, a professional oil painter, has graduated from Communications University of China, and pursued senior training in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. She also conducted overseas study tours in quite a number of European countries for oil painting.

Having been deeply exposed to Russian arts since her childhood, Yan Zi has shown strong interests and extraordinary inspirations in the fine art creation.
The two oil painting series namely “Crested Ibis” and “Artistic Portraits of Zhou Ying” are her masterpieces, representing her strong sense of social responsibilities and morals.
She has successively hosted 8 exhibitions of her works, including oil painting exhibition: “Promoting Culture of Shaanxi to the World”, Exhibition of “Oil Paint of Life of Yan Zi”-An Artist Recommended by Jia Pingwa (a prestigious contemporary Chinese writer), Exhibition of Yan Zi’s Oil Painting of Crested Ibis—in Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of Finding Wild Crested Ibis, “Yan Zi’s Oil Painting Exhibition—Crested Ibis, Human and Nature”, “Remolding the Spirit of Businesswoman with 5 Colors—Exhibition of Oil Painting for Artistic Portraits of Zhou Ying ”(A very successful Shaanxi businesswoman in Chinese history), “Exhibition of Oil Painting: Qinling Mountains—Homeland to Crested Ibis” and etc.
She is very specialized and skillful in the independent creation of theme paintings, such as “Terra-cotta Worriers and Horses of Qin Dynasty”, “Leaders of Famen Temple with Six Treasures of Shaanxi”, “Epic of Crested Ibis”, “Nature, Crested Ibis, Human and Crested Ibis”, “Artistic Portraits of Zhou Ying” and “Qinling Mountains—Homeland of Crested Ibis”

Many of her works have been well collected in both China and abroad. Among them, “As Happy as Flowers” won the First-Class Award in the Exhibition of Small-sized Fine Art Works in Canada; “Artistic Portraits of Zhou Ying” won the 4th place in the Online Art Contest of American Fine Arts Exhibition 2020 organized by US Acrylic Painting Association; the 21 pieces of the work of “Leaders of Famen Temple with Six Treasures of Shaanxi” were collected by Da Cien Temple of Xi’an; 3 pieces in the work of “Stories of Crested Ibis in the Tang Dynasty” were collected by Shanxxi Daming Palace Historic and Culture Relics Preservation Fund; “How should I rest myself like immortals” was collected by Shaanxi Provincial Fine Art Museum.

Yan Zi was also commended as “Angle Painter” by Li Ning, Chairman of China Athletes Education Fund, and was awarded with the title of “Ambassador of Love”.
Known as “The First Oil Painter for Crested Ibis”, she was also granted the title of “Ambassador to Promotion of Crested Ibis” by Shaanxi Provincial government.
She also painted portraits for both Lionel Andres Messi and Zhou Ying who was a renowned businesswoman of Shaanxi around 100 years ago.


* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 16th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.