Catalog Raisonné on William Bouguereau by ARC Staff

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Catalog Raisonné on William Bouguereau

by ARC Staff

Published on 3 February, 2011

Title William Bouguereau
Vol I William Bouguereau His Life and Works
Vol II William Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonné of his Painted Works
Release Date September 15, 2010
Publisher Art Renewal Center and Antique Collector's Club
Author Damien Bartoli with Fred Ross
Introduction and Conclusion Fred Ross
Number of Pages 903

This Herculean effort, started in 1978 by Ross and Mark Walker and with the addition of Damien Bartoli 15 years later, has lead to commencing a complete rewriting of 19th Century art history as academic artists lead by Bouguereau are seen increasingly to have complimented the work of celebrated writers of the day (like Balzac, Hugo and Stendhal) who focused on exposing the plight of the sick, the poor, and the less fortunate and the codifying of Enlightenment ideals respecting human rights, liberty, democracy and "all men are created equal". Especially important is the formerly suppressed seminal role that Bouguereau played (with Rudolph Julian in opening up the Paris Academies and Salons to women artists, one of many facts that reverse the villainous role that had been taught about him previously. Since 1968 the prices for Bouguereau's paintings have doubled every 3 to 4 years climbing fully 1000 times (100,000%) for solid examples of his work sold at major auction houses in London and New York.

The two-volume boxed set illustrates the complete oeuvre of paintings of this 19th Century master, with information on all of William Bouguereau's 828 known paintings, as well as the entire 600 page biography written by Damien Bartoli, with Fred Ross Chairman of the Art Renewal Center® and President of the Bouguereau Committee.

In 2010, the addition of 5 major works at the Musée d'Orsay and the high-selling price of his Pietá at Christie's Old Masters and 19th Century auction in June for 2.77 million, which topped the sale, has brought Bouguereau into the public eye; indeed, the arrival of this thoroughly researched and extensively illustrated publication is well-timed, and text books will have to be rewritten as this work has permanently changed how art history of the 19th Century Art should be taught.


Volume I (Biography)

  • Over 340 color images of Bouguereau paintings in Volume I alone.
  • Over 100 full page plates.
  • Another 170 images in black and white, most of which are biographical, including photographs of Bouguereau in his studio, family members, Bouguereau with his students, letters, drawings, etc.

Volume I (Biography)

  • Volume II is also printed in color, with some black and white depending on the best image available to us for each given work, over 760 images are included.

This is a Two-Volume Boxed Set

While they last, you may still order a copy of this stunning publication:

Founder and Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, Ross is the leading authority on William Bouguereau and co author of the recently published Catalogue Raisonné William Bouguereau: His Life and Works.