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Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet

Born circa 1475 - Died circa 1564

Born in Caprese Michelangelo (Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy)

Died in Rome (Lazio, Italy)

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apprentice of

assisted by

  • Amadori, Francesco (1515-1555)
  • Mini, Antonio
  • Torni, Jacopo (1476-1526)

collaborated with

  • Venusti, Marcello (1512-1579)

colleague of

friend of

  • Venusti, Marcello (1512-1579)

patronized by

  • Medici, Lorenzo de' (1449-1492)
  • Paul III, Pope (1468-1549)

rival of

student of

teacher of

worked for

  • Dosio, Giovanni Antonio (1533-1610)
  • Rosselli, Pietro di Giacomo (1474-1532)

13 November 2017 to 12 February 2018

Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028

This exhibition presents a stunning range and number of works by the artist: 133 of his drawings, three of his marble sculptures, his earliest painting, his wood architectural model for a chapel vault, as well as a substantial body of complementary works by other artists for comparison and context. Among the extraordinary international loans are the complete series of masterpiece drawings he created for his friend Tommaso de' Cavalieri and a monumental cartoon for his last fresco in the Vatican Palace. Selected from 50 public and private collections in the United States and Europe, the exhibition examines Michelangelo's rich legacy as a supreme draftsman and designer.

Published on 01 January 2008