George Elgar Hicks

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George Elgar Hicks

English High Victorian

Born 1824 - Died 1914

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Letter to Mrs. Earle 1869 ­ Pg 1 of 3

Lymington Hants
29 July, 1869

My dear Mrs. Earle,
It is very gratifying to me after the pains which I admit I have taken, to know that the painting not only gives more satisfaction to yourself but meets the approbation of so good a judge as Mr. Sant.
I shall be very pleaed to make the little alterations you wish after my return to town at the end of October. And should be pleased if you will allow the picture to be exhibited at the British Institution. I am sorry your journey to my house was unsuccessful but I suppose the old lady was gone to purchase her tea.
Many thanks for your kind inquiried for my family. I am happy to say they all pretty well, and that Mrs. Hicks is rather stronger.
Believe me my dear Madam

Yours very sincerely

George E. Hicks

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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