Arthur Rackham

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Arthur Rackham

English Golden Age Illustrator artist

Born 1867 - Died 1939

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16 Chalcot Gardens

Dear Muirhead,
Thanks for your letter. It would interest me very much to visit an undergrad again. If time allows I certainly will. I'll let you know later. In good time but don't bind yourself. I'm living with my brother anyhow.
Would you tell me about the size of the room you are meeting in. I want to know because I have some rough diagrams I want to pin or hold up in view of the audience, and I want them to be big enough. They served well enough in a drawing room where I was talking recently. But wouldn't take me much time if I redraw some of them larger - if necessary. They are quite rough.

Your sincerely

Arther Rackham

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz