Edwin Austin Abbey

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Edwin Austin Abbey

American Golden Age Illustrator painter, illustrator and muralist

Born 1852 - Died 1911

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student of

  • Williams, Isaac L. (1817-1895)


associate member of

  • Royal Academy of Art from 1896

founder of

  • Tile Club from 1877

full member of

  • Royal Academy of Art from 1898

student at

  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 1868

Oct. 15th - 1908.
My dear Sirs, In conformation
of my telegram, I am willing you should have my picture 'Hamlet' now at the Franco-British Exhibition for Aberdeen - provided you will insure for 4000 pounds - against all risk of transit and while it is in your care and until it is returned to my studio - 42 Tile St, Chelseaside.
This will server as an order to Sir Isidore Spielman to deliver the picture into your hands - or to [-le-(g/f)--.] Bradley
and Co.
Yours Truly
Edwin A. Abbey

Alex. Leslie Smith

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz