Gustave Achille Guillaumet

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Gustave Achille Guillaumet

French painter and writer

Born 1840 - Died 1887

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Dear Mr. Pretet,
Could you please check whether Mr. Gabriel is definitely excluded.
This artist is one of my friends(?) I had written about him to Mr. Bouguereau as well as the other members of the jury, in order to raise their interest as to the peculiar position of this painter who lives with a small pension that would probably be interrupted if his protector did not see his painting anymore in the Salon. I furthermore conveyed to the President, that in any case, I would avail myself of the capacity attributed to each juree to take back in his name the work of an unfortunate artist.
And I learn now from Mr. Garnier himself that he is excluded. There must be an error somewhere, maybe you can explain it.
I am sticking to my position in having this painting admitted, the more so since by using the same right than in the previous years, I am deeply embarrassed towards a great friend.
Sincerely yours, G. Guillaumet

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz