Edwin Howland Blashfield

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Edwin Howland Blashfield

American Academic Classical painter

Born 1848 - Died 1936

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student of

[To Mr. Munroe]

    Dear Mr. Munroe,

              Thanks for your kind praise
of my poster.    The Liberty Loan people
say they have none left and I have very
few.        I will give you one with pleaure
but if I could give it some messenger
or friend for you who could get it to you
I should appreciate.        They are flimsy
things to mail and just now I am so very
busy on a poster that I should find it hard
to take the time to mail the copies for
which I am being asked.        If you
have no one who could take it for you
(from my studio 10 to 12 or 2 to 4, Carnegie
Hall or from my apartment as above in
morning or evening) I will save one
for you and get it to you later.

                     Edwin H. Blashfield
                             18 oct 1918

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz