John Byam Liston Shaw

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John Byam Liston Shaw

English painter and draftsman

Born 1872 - Died 1919

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Byam Shaw, as he was always known, was born in India. In 1878 he returned to Britain with his parents. The family settled in London, where Shaw senior practised as a solicitor. When Shaw was fifteen, Millais advised that he should study at St Johns Wood Art Schools, where the training was rigorous. He was later admitted to the Royal Academy Schools. He became an affable, extrovert, highly popular individual. His first picture to be accepted by the Royal Academy was in 1893. It was inspired by a Rossetti poem.

Source: Victorian Art in Britain.


partner of

  • School of Art, Campden Hill

student at

  • Royal Academy of Art
  • St Johns Wood Art Schools