Alphonse Maria Mucha

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Alphonse Maria Mucha

Czechoslovakian painter and printmaker

Born 1860 - Died 1939

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teacher of

  • Kryzanovsky, Roman (1885-1929)
  • Parrish, Clara Weaver (1861-1925)

Dear Madamoiselle,
As you indicated in your lovely letter it wil be then, that last Thursday (tomorrow) in the afternoon that I will have the pleasure of waiting for you in my workshop at 17 E. 59th St.
In waiting this day, I pray, Madam that you receive here my best compliments.

A. Mucha

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Letter to Mrs. Sramek

Dear Mrs. Sramek,We have returned from our excursion to the ancient, famous city of Nymburg and remember the cordial welcome and the extraordinary hospitality with which you and your spounse greeted us. This gives us reason to thank you once more very cordially.

We made it home all right, but it rained on the way and now a thunderstorm is starting, so that we are happy to have arrived under our cozy roof.

With cordial regards and a kiss on the hand for the lady of the house,

Alphons Mucha
and wife

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz


We are sending all of you heartfelt greetings and remembering you all the time. It's beautiful here everywherem not May and [sic!] a sunny September. We are sending greetings to everyone in the dear family.
Altogether yours
Alfons Mucha
Yours Marka

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

Image courtesy of Don Kurtz